I’m starting to have mutual understanding thingy with business law ❤ eto talaga pinakaayaw kong subject noon pero simula netong review classes, unti unti ko na siyang nagegets. Super galing lang ng reviewer namin (Atty. Ong), well facilitated ang discussion with cases. Nakakaamaze!

“Don’t pray for a good man. Pray for a godly man.”

Hahahahahaha. May nakakita daw sakin, may nakaakbay na lalaki nakatricycle. Lol. Paano may aakbay sakin? Unang una wala akong kasabay pumasok (kapag nagtatricycle). Pangalawa, nagjeejeep ako pauwi. At lastly, wala akong boypren. Bwahahahahaha. Bwahahahaha

What had happened with my almost 2-month vacation?

I spent almost half of it waiting.. Waiting.. For graduation (We had our last day of classes on March 21 and graduation was last April 24.. So that was more than a month) and also preparing for it (bought dress, shoes and other stuff; graduation pictorial; applied for TOR and diploma). Pagkatapos ng graduation, official tambay ako.. All that I did was eat…surf the net..watch tv…sleep. That was (and still) my daily routine. I also had my chance to be baptized (water baptism) last May 1 :)

Now that I have merely 1 week left.. What should I do? Should I start reviewing for the boards? Or what? ;) I have no regrets on what had happened with my vacay.. Sabi nga nila, YOLO ;)

In less than two weeks, our review classes will officially start. I am in the middle of thinking of what subject should I review first. Or maybe should I spend the rest of the days enjoying my vacation? Help!! Hahaha